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Implications Of The Most Abused Drugs In Arizona

The increasing consumption of the drugs has posed a significant impact on the health of millions of people. There is no denial in this fact that drug use in Arizona is staggering. As per the statistics from the Centers for Disease Control, Health Grove has found out that 20 out of 100,000 Arizona’s are dying from the drug usage. This…read more →

Abuse of Heroin And Prescription Opioids

Heroin usage has gained popularity recently because people have become addicted to opioids involving prescription drugs. According to statistics, nearly 50% of young people addicted to heroin started out using prescription opioids and then progressed to heroin because of the simple fact that heroin costs less and is easier to obtain. The rise in heroin use has consequently led to…read more →

Importance of Addiction Counseling for Drug Addicts

Addiction counseling for drug addicts is a vital part of many rehabilitation programs across the country. There are numerous approaches to counseling, however counseling is typically conducted within the realm of the mental health model of addiction. In this model, addiction is perceived to be an illness that can be treated. In rehabilitation programs, counsellors typically favor a style that…read more →

What Needs To Be Proven In Order To Win A Slip And Fall Injury Claim?

Accidents and injuries usually happen when something happens outside of your control. It could also be due to someone’s negligence. Slip and fall accidents are common types of personal injury cases and the key issue in any slip and fall accident claim is proving liability. If you are fighting a personal injury lawsuit or pursuing an insurance claim, you need…read more →

Is Police Use Of Surveillance Devices Legal?

Police in the U.S., as well as in other countries like Canada, have been using surveillance devices and “stingray tracking devices” to identify criminals and other suspicious activities. However, this has become a topic of debate as attorneys acting for crime suspects have raised the issue that use of these surveillance devices is breaking the law. According to attorneys representing…read more →

What Possible Defenses Can Be Used Against Resisting Arrest Charges?

When an individual interferes or delays the investigation process of a police officer in a criminal investigation, the individual will face charges for resisting or delaying arrest. It is considered a misdemeanor offense and has to be defended like any other criminal offense. What is Resisting Arrest? When an individual tries to prohibit or delay a police officer or EMT…read more →

Comparison Questions to Ask When Hiring a Lawyer

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