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Mass. Judge Sends Drug Lab Cases to High Court

A justice of Massachusetts’ highest court has agreed to ask the full court to decide two cases in which prosecutors are challenging how lower courts are handling drug convictions now in jeopardy because of alleged misconduct by a chemist at a state drug-testing lab. Annie Dookhan has pleaded not guilty to faking test results and evidence tampering. Essex District Attorney…read more →

What is TASC and what happens if I violate TASC?

We get a lot of questions regarding TASC and what happens if someone violates the terms of the TASC program in Arizona. Here is a short video by David Michael Cantor about TASC and what happens if you violate the terms: TASC (Treatment Assessment Screening Centers) is a non-profit organization that serves the residents of Arizona with substance abuse and mental health treatment….read more →

Overview of Arizona Marijuana Possession Laws

The Arizona laws for marijuana possession vary greatly depending on the specific offense that you have been charged with and the sentencing procedure. For example, simple possession of less than two pounds of marijuana can result in a jail sentence that lasts anywhere from four months to two years, and up to a seven-hundred and fifty dollar fine. The sentencing…read more →

Medical Marijuana: How to Avoid an Arrest

Recently, many states opted to allow patients to use medicinal marijuana as a treatment for several medical conditions. However, it is still possible to incur serious criminal penalties if this medicine is misused, abused or handled inappropriately. Knowing the specific laws and statutes regarding medicinal marijuana use in a particular area is an essential part of using this medicine safely…read more →

Can you get a DUI with Medical Marijuana Card in Arizona?

In this short video, David Cantor explains how you can get a DUI with a Medical Marijuana Card: Currently, the State of Arizona is reviewing how they deal with marijuana or drug DUI arrests. To answer the question: Can I get a DUI in Arizona if I have a Medical Marijuana Card? Yes. The reason you can is because of…read more →

What is a Dangerous Drug charge in Arizona?

A Dangerous Drug normally means any prescription narcotic or any other drug which is not marijuana. Most often this is methamphetamine, cocaine, or some type of prescription for either a pain killer or an antidepressant. Possible Punishment for Possession or Use of a Dangerous Drug A violation of this section is a class four (4) felony. If the drug is…read more →

Kiwi’s jailed for minor drug offenses in high numbers

It appears more and more that the War on Drugs is playing out as a worldwide failure. As we in the US have already been experiencing over the last few decades so is New Zealand. A recent study shows that a significant amount of court time is being spent on minor drug offenses which is slowing the entire system down…read more →

Mexico changes drug war focus will now target trafficking

In 7 years the number of drug cartels operating in Mexico has risen from 10 to 80. President Enrique Pena Nieto says he wants to go after crime associated with drug trafficking instead of taking down crime bosses:

12 Steps to Select a Criminal Defense Attorney

Finding a criminal defense lawyer that will aggressively defend your case can be difficult. When interviewing potential criminal lawyers there are some elements that you should be aware of and how to ask the right questions. We’ve put together a list of 12 things that should help you in your quest to find expert criminal defense. Choose an attorney who…read more →

Comparison Questions to Ask When Hiring a Lawyer

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