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Implications Of The Most Abused Drugs In Arizona

The increasing consumption of the drugs has posed a significant impact on the health of millions of people. There is no denial in this fact that drug use in Arizona is staggering. As per the statistics from the Centers for Disease Control, Health Grove has found out that 20 out of 100,000 Arizona’s are dying from the drug usage. This has placed Arizona at the number two state for fatal drug overdoses in the USA. Due to this very reason, researchers from the University of Arizona have reviewed multiple sources to compile a comprehensive report on the most abused drugs in Arizona, which are causing human devastation. They figured out, that, the most abused drugs are: Heroin, Marijuana, Methamphetamine, and Cocaine.

Let’s have a look at the drastic impacts of the most abused drugs:


Heroin is processed from morphine. It is an opioid which is diluted with household substances such as powdered milk and starch. Heroin causes flushed skin, dry mouth, intense rush of pleasure and at times nausea and itching. Further, the user experience drowsiness, decreased heart rate and shallow breathing. Besides this, scientific studies have figured out that long-term heroin abuse deteriorates the brain’s white matter, affecting user capability to make a decision and control their behavior.


Marijuana is a hallucinating plant which contains a psychoactive chemical called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or alternatively called THC. The effects of marijuana can be felt immediately. The time ranges from several minutes to one hour. The possible side effects of this abused drugs are staggering appetite, heightened senses, paranoia, acute psychosis or even panic. Also, after years of smoking or consuming marijuana, the potential person may suffer from memory impairment, a decline in cognitive abilities and reduced verbal ability. Precisely, it effects are drastic and are visible immediately.


It is classified as a stimulant, which causes the body to release extra dopamine, which leads to the pleasurable effect that users normally crave. Further, the increasing levels of the dopamine may eventually change the brain’s structure, creating permanent emotional and memory problems, reducing motor speed and impairing verbal learning. Moving along, it also creates a decreased appetite, convulsions, abnormal wakefulness, hyperthermia, and rapid heart-beat. However, there are also long-term effects of this drug usage, which are as follows: delusions, confusion, anxiety, paranoia, insomnia, violent behavior,


Last but not least, cocaine is another most abused drug in Arizona. Cocaine creates an accumulation of dopamine by stopping the neurotransmitter transporters from reabsorbing dopamine. This causes extreme euphoria as well as pleasure. As cocaine is stimulant; therefore, the user appears hypersensitive to stimuli, energetic and talkative. Besides this, other symptoms may include dilated pupils, elevated body temperature, and increased heart rate. Further, nosebleeds, as well as hoarseness, is the typical problems that appear because of the cocaine use. Precisely, it is the mostdangerous drug in Arizona because prolonged abuse may cause a user to experience anxiety, convulsion, erratic behavior, panic attack, and irritability. Further other attacks include cardiac arrest, coma, strokes, seizures and sudden death also. Hence in such a scenario, an experienced drug attorney is essential who can guide you and helps you in taking out of this myriad.

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