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Overview of Arizona Marijuana Possession Laws

The Arizona laws for marijuana possession vary greatly depending on the specific offense that you have been charged with and the sentencing procedure. For example, simple possession of less than two pounds of marijuana can result in a jail sentence that lasts anywhere from four months to two years, and up to a seven-hundred and fifty dollar fine. The sentencing varies significantly based on the amount of marijuana that is in your possession and the judgment that you receive at your sentencing trial.

The Basics

In Arizona, all possession, sale, manufacture, and trafficking of marijuana is a felony offense with consequences that can include jail time from four months up to twelve years, depending on the product that is in your possession and your intentions for the product. For instance, the penalties of being charged with possession of hash and other concentrates of marijuana, such as THC oils, are more severe than the penalties for possession of marijuana.

Those trafficking more than four pounds of hash or other marijuana concentrates are subject to the harshest penalties in the state of Arizona, with charges resulting in a minimum of at least three years in a jail or other penal institution. Being charged and convicted with marijuana paraphernalia also carries a penalty of jail time, with the minimum sentence being at least four months and a minimum fine of seven-hundred and fifty dollars. Those prosecuted for selling or trafficking marijuana or marijuana products within a school zone can be given longer sentences and higher fines than those outside school zones.

Manufacture and Trafficking Marijuana

Manufacturing more than three pounds of marijuana in the state of Arizona can lead to over eight years of jail time, while trafficking over two pounds can lead to almost nine years in a penal institution in the state if you are convicted. The amount of time that you are sentenced to can vary, but the minimum state sentence is at least two years for manufacturing four pounds of marijuana or more, and for trafficking two pounds of marijuana, or less, into the state.

In some cases, the offender may be offered probation in lieu of a jail sentence. If you are given probation, there is also a mandatory amount of time of community service that you must complete. The minimum amount of community service time for those convicted of marijuana possession is twenty-four hours, while those convicted of selling marijuana are mandated to complete two-hundred and forty hours of community service along with probation and fines.

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