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What is TASC and what happens if I violate TASC?

We get a lot of questions regarding TASC and what happens if someone violates the terms of the TASC program in Arizona. Here is a short video by David Michael Cantor about TASC and what happens if you violate the terms:

TASC (Treatment Assessment Screening Centers) is a non-profit organization that serves the residents of Arizona with substance abuse and mental health treatment. The agency provides drug testing for pre-employment, accidents and criminal justice. In some cases, offenders who successfully complete TASC might have their crime reduced to a misdemeanor from a felony or even dismissed.

TASC is part of the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. The program offers clients hope for a future with sobriety and the resources to begin a drug-free life. First-time offenders charged with possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia are usually eligible for the program. Defendants with previous convictions, sales charges or violent offenses will probably not qualify.

Clients are responsible for paying program fees to complete TASC, which can cost between a few hundred dollars to well over $2,000. Clients must also pay for each drug test. Program costs are shared with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office Drug Fund.

TASC analyzes drug tests onsite in order to provide prompt results to their clients. The program serves both juveniles and adults. The agency is certified through federal Health Care Financing and the College of American Pathologists. In addition, they follow drug testing guidelines set up by the American Probation and Parole Association, so they must meet strict standards in order to serve their clients. In turn, they require that attendees meet their strict requirements of drug testing, assessment, education and substance abuse counseling.

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Defendants who qualify for TASC should still secure the services of a lawyer. Someone who is familiar with the Arizona legal system and the operations of TASC can defend the rights of clients accused of drug crimes. In addition, TASC usually gives people only one chance to comply with their rigorous requirements. TASC usually recommends prosecution on the original charges for candidates who do violate program rules. If you do not abide by the violate TASC rules, you will need the support of an attorney who has worked with TASC and who may be able to get you reinstated to the program. A violation could mean that your crime will be designated a felony instead of a misdemeanor or that you will be considered guilty of the original offense. In addition, you could face time in custody.

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