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What is a Dangerous Drug charge in Arizona?

A Dangerous Drug normally means any prescription narcotic or any other drug which is not marijuana. Most often this is methamphetamine, cocaine, or some type of prescription for either a pain killer or an antidepressant.

Possible Punishment for Possession or Use of a Dangerous Drug

A violation of this section is a class four (4) felony. If the drug is not a methamphetamine or amphetamine, and the defendant has never been convicted of a felony, the judge has the option of classifying the crime as a class one (1) misdemeanor.

However, under Proposition 200, certain drugs qualify for “probation only” sentences for first and second nonviolent possession offenses. If the drug qualifies under Prop 200 (methamphetamine¬†does not qualify), the defendant may not be sentenced to prison or jail until her third “possession only” conviction; the only possible sentence is a term of probation. However, if you fail on probation, you can be taken into custody and forced to sit from two to four (2-4) weeks until the judge reinstates your probation and releases you. Normally, we can resolve these charges by either pleading them down to a misdemeanor (which can carry up to six (6) months in jail if you violate probation), or to a “TASC” resolution.

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