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In The News

In The News

Anderson Cooper Interviews David Cantor about Thomas Beatie Divorce

Fox Hannity & Colmes Interview Attorney David Cantor

Valinda Jo Elliot Chediski Fire Inside Edition


Arizona Criminal Attorney David Cantor Lisa Randall Case KTVK

Jodi Arias Verdict Analysis – David Michael Cantor

Jodi Arias Verdict David Cantor NBC 12

Jodi Arias Death Penalty Defense Commentary with David Cantor

Jodi Arias – Hung Jury on Death Penalty

ABC 15 Interviews Criminal Law Specialist David Cantor Regarding Deadly Hit & Run

Jodi Arias Hung Jury over Death Penalty Phone Interview

David Cantor on ABC 15 Phoenix – 14-Year-Old facing Three 1st Degree Murder Charges in Crash

12 News on Tyler Kost with Joey Hamby

Student Loan Debt is Now a Leading Cause of Divorce – 12News

12 News on Tyler Kost with David Michael Cantor

David Michael Cantor on NBC 12 News Discussing Custodial Interference

Fox News: David Michael Cantor from DM Cantor & the Tyler Kost Case

Christine Whalin from DM Cantor Interviewed by 12 News I-Team about Brittany Zamora

Joey Hamby Interview & Tyler Kost case on ABC15

David Cantor ABC 15 Interview Can You Get Charged for DUI on Electric Scooter

Joey Hamby talks about the Tyler Kost case Live

David Michael Cantor & Tyler Kost case on NBC

CNN Interviews David Michael Cantor about “Teen Terrorist” Charges

Channel 3 Covering The Pregnant Man Case ft. David Cantor

Behind the Scenes: Channel 15 and David Michael Cantor

David Cantor & Thomas Beatie on Channel 12

Louis Taylor No Contest Plea NBC 12 with David Michael Cantor

What does a DUI really Cost?

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