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Drug Crimes Attorney

Facing drug charges in Arizona? It is important that you hire an experienced drug defense attorney who will protect your rights from aggressive prosecution. Drug crimes involve a wide range of offenses from possession and sale, to manufacturing and distribution with charges in violation of state and federal laws. The Cantor Drug Lawyers have experience defending drug cases in both state and federal court, see our case victories for further information.

Arizona drug laws are harsh and can be categorized as dealing with marijuananarcotic drugs, or dangerous drugs. No matter what the charges are against you, hiring the best drug lawyer in Arizona is always recommended as there are many different layers to a drug defense case that a public defender may not be aware of or simply doesn’t have the time for. Call our office at (602) 307-0808 today or use our confidential contact form to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.

In over 20 years of providing the best criminal defense for drug crimes, the Cantor Drug Lawyers are highly accomplished in the following areas:


The experienced narcotics defense lawyers in Arizona with the Cantor Drug Lawyers handle drug related cases in the Phoenix area and throughout the State of Arizona.

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For more information about Drug Related Crimes, please refer to our parent site for The Law Offices of David M. Cantor.


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