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Manufacture Of Dangerous Drugs – ARS §13-3406 / §13-3407 / §13-3408

Manufacture Of Dangerous Drugs – ARS §13-3406 / §13-3407 / §13-3408

Watch this video of David Michael Cantor explain Drug Charges and Drug Offenses in Arizona.

If charged with Manufacture Of Dangerous Drugs you are facing up to 35 years in prison. You stand no chance against prosecution without a top-notch Criminal Defense Law Firm acting in your defense.

If a person is Manufacturing Dangerous Drugs, they can be charged with a class two felony. This can normally be shown if they possess certain chemicals and have certain items which would be used to manufacture these drugs. Certain drugs like Meth and Ecstasy can be made from chemicals acquired legally. Law enforcement officials look for large purchases of any of these chemicals and then follow any necessary leads.

One of the most popular drug to be manufactured in Arizona is meth. Because meth needs to be ‘cooked’ law enforcement typically calls this set-up a “Meth Lab”. A person can be charged with a class 3 felony for simply possessing the manufacturing equipment without actually manufacturing a single dose of the drug.

Manufacturing Dangerous Drugs Sentences

Manufacturing Dangerous Drugs: Class 3 Felony (Manufacturing Equipment)

First Offense: Up to 8.75 years prison
Second Offense: Up to 16.25 years prison
Third Offense: Up to 25 years prison

Manufacturing Dangerous Drugs: Class 2 Felony (Manufacturing)

First Offense Below Threshold: Up to 12.5 years prison
First Offense Above Threshold: 3-12.5 years mandatory prison time

Additional Convictions (Regardless of Above or Below Threshold)

Second Offense: Up to 23.25 Years Prison
Third Offense: Up to 35 Years Prison

Manufacturing Dangerous Drugs: Legal Defenses

The Criminal Trial Lawyers at The Law Offices of David M. Cantor take pride in knowing more about the defense of Manufacturing Dangerous Drugs than prosecutors and police officers. We will defend you against these drug related charges in a “Beyond Aggressive” manner. Some possible defenses are:

  • Lack of Knowledge
  • Miranda Rights Violation
  • Denial of Right To Counsel

A conviction of Manufacturing Dangerous Drugs has lifelong consequences. You cannot afford to be represented by anyone less than the best Criminal Defense Attorneys. The Law Offices of David M. Cantor is AV® rated and is listed in the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers®, Criminal Law Section. David M. Cantor is an Expert Criminal Defense Lawyer and has a proven track record in defense of Drug Crimes in Arizona.

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